Aidan Fisher AIDAN
Full Name: Aidan Fisher.
Born: Sydney, 20th April, 1949.
Married to: Effie.

Hi. My name is Aidan. In my early life, I completed an apprenticeship in the printing trade. I married my first wife at twenty one, thinking I was doing the right thing but it didn’t even last a year. I was devastated by the breakup so I travelled to Perth and took a job as a trainee surveyor. MORE

Effie Riviere EFFIE
Full Name: Effie Riviere.
Born: Vienna.
Married to: Aidan Fisher.

I was born in Vienna, the city of song, not long after the Second World War. I moved to my father’s home city of Antwerp when I was an infant. He was away a lot and I don’t remember much from that time. My family and I moved to South Australia when I was six and at twelve, to Manly in Sydney. MORE

Flight Sergeant William Fischer WILLIAM
Full Name: Flight Sergeant William Flight Sergeant William Fischer.
Born: 23rd March, 3088.
From: Crystalton, Alpha Sector, Fifth Galactic Federation.

Hi, my name is Flight Sergeant William Fischer. I am nineteen years old and I am an ace pilot and navigator. I won a special prize for innovation for my new star-fighter navigation and guidance system. I’m chasing after two timeless looking gypsies known as Hans and Una. They must be aliases. I’ve tracked them both to the badlands of Sector M, which is off limits to Federation spacecraft. They are suspected of stealing highly classified design data for a new spacecraft propulsion system. MORE

Hans Goodfellow HANS
Full Name: Hans Goodfellow.
Age: More ancient than the stars.
Hometown: No fixed abode.
Responsibilities: Establishment and upkeep of The Library.
Partner: Una

Hi, my name is Hans, but hey, what’s in a name between old friends. I look after The Library, a timeless place that holds the original written records of all races, from all possible galaxies. My partner, Una and I, go back a long time. Mostly, we flit around together collecting documents for our special collection. It’s surprising what you find in the bazaars of old Zanzibar and places like that. And its surprising who you get to meet on your travels. MORE

Una Goodfellow UNA
Full Name: Una Goodfellow.
Age: More Ancient than the planets.
Partner: Hans. A marriage truly made in heaven.

Hi, I’m Una. Hans and I go way back. We have had so many adventures together, but my favourite pastime is dancing in the gardens of Ancient Greece. We are so happy whenever we visit there. That was before Hans became so busy looking after The Library. I used to help him, but these days, with so much new knowledge and so many more people and their dreams to consider, it has all become a bit much for the two of us. MORE

Full Name: First Lieutenant William Alexander Fischer. Royal Navy.
Born: 1776, Jamaica.
Alias: The Captain, or as Rachel calls me, the Capt’n.
Partner: Rachel Alexander.

Hi. I’m Lieutenant William Fisher and I’m one of Allan Sankirtan’s principal characters. He refers to me as a fictional character, but I can assure you that my reality is just as real as yours. In fact, if it wasn’t for me, and my adventures, and the search for my missing journals, Mr. Sankirtan wouldn’t have a story to tell at all. So he had better write it nicely, the way I tell him to, or else there’ll be no wind in his sails. MORE

Rachel Alexander RACHEL
Full Name: Rachel Charlotte Alexander.
Free Born: February 10th 1788, just a few days after the female convicts were landed in Sydney Cove.

Hi, my name is Rachel.

I was told that my name comes from my grandmother, and the names of the First Fleet ships that brought the female convicts to the new colony in 1788. I was orphaned young and abandoned on the streets. I don’t remember my mother and I don’t know who my father is. MORE

 Character drawings by Chereyl Jackman