Child of the Universe

I am a Child of the Universe. A multi-dimensional being
focused here and now, within this reality.
Although my physical form,
and the form of all that surrounds me,
is born of the dust of the stars,
I am aware, that my consciousness,
and the consciousness
of all living and non living things,
is created, sustained, and intimately linked,
to the consciousness of
All And One.
It Is All That There Is.

But I am more than just a Child of The One.
I am also a god,
and on my journey through life I am surrounded
by other travellers in time and space.
You are my brothers and sisters
and I salute you, as gods.
Together, yet separately,
each of us treads the same path
towards conscious awareness,
of our selves and of The One.

Let us now walk the path
of life together in a new way,
consciously, hand in hand,
with mutual respect for one another,
joyously sharing the experiences of life
with peace, love, awareness,
prosperity and joy.

As we learn
to accept our birthrights
and begin to use our consciousness
and the precious gifts that we have all been given,
in a co-operative new way,
we will open new possibilities for the future,
empowering ourselves with our own choices,
giving ourselves the freedom
to create the brave new world of our dreams;
A world that will enhance the creative processes
that give us our birth, sustains our existence,
and allows each of us,
in our own time,
to flower to the full awareness
of our godhood, as Children of the Universe,
Children of All And One.
Children of All That There Is.

© Allan Done. 1994