Prince Garvan Prince Garvan
Realm: Kingdom of Elysium
AKA: Sir David Alexander

Hi. Prince Garvan is the crown prince of the Kingdom of Elysium and heir to the throne. At fifteen years of age, he is a dreamer and disinterested in everything to do with the affairs of State. He has a dream encounter with Princess Helen, who asks for his help. He is beguiled and ledges to find and rescue her. MORE

Sir Robert Dews Sir Robert Dews
Realm: Kingdom of Elysium
AKA: Sir Richard Alexander

Robert is a junior minister in King Cedric’s court in Elysium. News of the plot by the wicked witches to ally with pirates to control all the trade in chocolate, tea and coffee in the world of Heart leads King Cedric to call a Council of Advisers. Sir Robert suggests they seek an antidote to the poison and mix it with marshmallow to counteract the growing feelings of sadness and despair spreading throughout the land. MORE

Princess Helen Princess Helen
Realm: Kingdom of Arcadia

Princess Helen is the crown princess of Arcadia and the main heroine of the story. As a child she is very sick and almost dies. She is nursed back to health and educated by wise old monks at a hospital on an outer island of Arcadia. At age twelve she is accompanied by Lady Nereid to return to the palace on one of the inner islands. MORE

Callistra Callistra
Realm: Planet Heart
AKA: Wicked Witch of Lotions and Potions

Known throughout the world of Heart as the Wicked Witch of Lotions and Potions, Callistra is the Dark Queen’s mother. She is conceited and vain and ever so jealous that her daughter has been crowned Queen of the Ancient Guild of Witches and Warlocks. MORE

Draconia Draconia
Realm: Planet Heart
AKA: The Dark Queen

Among great scenes of adulation, Draconia is crowned Her Royal Darkness, Queen Draconia, the Queen of Darkness and Despair. She insists that her subjects refer to her as “Your Darkness” and she is known throughout the world of Heart as the Dark Queen. But, Callistra, seethes with jealous that her daughter was crowned the Queen of Darkness instead of her. MORE

Admiral Doonotellya Admiral Doonotellya
Realm: Planet Heart

A brilliant sea captain, the Admiral has forged a disparate bunch of squabbling pirates into an effective fighting force feared throughout the waters of Arcadia. But he dreams big and sees his alliance with Draconia as a means to take control of all trade and commerce on Heart for himself. Of course, he is not interested in people: they are simply a means to gain more power and gold: Utopian golden doubloons. MORE

Lady Nereid Lady Nereid
Realm: Kingdom of Arcadia / Kingdom of Elysium

Lady Nereid is a cousin of Queen Anthea of Arcadia and if Princess Helen does not survive her ordeals, is a potential candidate for succession to the throne. As a young woman, she meets and falls in love with Sir Robert Dews from Elysium in the outer Arcadian port of Appleton. With royal permission, she marries him and goes to live with him in Elysium. But there is one condition. Periodically, she must leave her husband and children if needed and return to Arcadia for state duties. MORE

King Cedric King Cedric and Queen Gwendolyn
Realm: Kingdom of Elysium

King Cedric was crowned king of Elysium when he was still quite young. His queen is his childhood friend, Gwendolyn. As the king approaches retirement, he is finding the affairs of state are getting too much for him. The queen and many others in his court want him to hand control of most things to the parliament and the judges. MORE

Queen Anthea King Harold and Queen Anthea
Realm: Kingdom of Arcadia

King Harold has been on the throne of the vast island kingdom of Arcadia since boyhood. But Arcadia is such a spread out kingdom, where things come and go as they please, that keeping anything under control is a huge undertaking. And as he grows older, he too is finding the affairs of state too much for him. MORE

Captain Sven Captain Sven
Realm: Great Southland of Utopia
AKA: Other Names

Captain Sven is a brilliant sea captain from Utopia and is entrusted to command the Great Chan’s personal flagship. He has pledged his life to the Chan and his precious daughter, Yumie, also known as the Jade Princess. His claim to fame is that as a young seaman he took command of what seemed like a derelict Arcadian ship. But was it? MORE

The Great Chan The Great Chan
Realm: Great Southland of Utopia
AKA: Other Names

The Great Chan is a wealthy trader from Utopia who made his fortune by opening up new trade routes to unexplored countries. He build his empire based on trading fine gold jewelry and precious gems such as ruby and jade. He quickly becomes known as the Jade Mogul and his first born, Yumie, becomes known as the Jade Princess. MORE

Yumie Chan-Liu Yumie Chan-Liu
Realm: Great Southland of Utopia
AKA: The Jade Princess

The first child of the Great Chan, Yumie Chan-Liu is a young woman of unsurpassed beauty. She is privately schooled by the finest tutors in Utopia along with her slightly younger brother Martin. The reason is simple. The Great Chan wants to groom her to take control of his worldwide business empire. MORE

Martin Chan-Liu Martin Chan-Liu
Realm: Great Southland of Utopia

Martin Chan-Liu is Yumie’s younger brother and grew up with her in Utopia. He has a brilliant mind and a passion for inventing new things. But his main interest is to learn secrets that no one can tell and to harness the powers of the dark arts of magic. MORE

 Character drawings by Chereyl Jackman


The Island Kingdom of Arcadia

Arcadia is an ancient, magical kingdom made up of a myriad of islands that display quirky behavior. Many of the inner islands of the kingdom float on the Ocean of Dreams. And the whole island group is fringed by a ring of volcanic islands that form a heart shaped corral that keeps the inner islands enclosed. Strangely, the islands of Arcadia had never been mapped, but it is this feature that lends its name to the magical planet of Heart. MORE

The Great Southland of Utopia

A vast land of mystery and intrigue. In Utopia, temples are rumored to float on clouds at the head of mountain valleys where the roads are paved with gold. Utopia is said to be the birthplace of countless myths and legends featuring archetypal heroes and villains locked in immortal combat. It is so far from the kingdoms of Elysium and Arcadia that nobody ever thinks about crossing the Ocean of Dreams to visit there. For most people it simply doesn't exist. For others, it is a land of myth and legend. MORE

The Mysterious Tunnels of Arcadia

The secret history of Arcadia, and indeed of the planet Heart, is a mystery locked deep in a system of curved ancient tunnels that link many of the islands. The tunnels have a regular arch shape and appear to be bored out of solid rock. They are finished with a smooth hard surface that looks and feels highly polished. The tunnels are everywhere, but, like the islands themselves, they too have never been mapped. MORE

The Mysterious Arcadian Survival-Pods

Every Arcadian ship is fitted with one or more survival-pods. These ancient devices are propelled by the strange magnetic anomalies to be found everywhere in and around Arcadia. They were a gift from an ancient race of seafarers but there are no written records on Heart of their secret knowledge. No one can explain how the pods work or what guides them, so like the mysterious tunnels, no one trusts them. MORE

The Kingdom of Elysium

The rugged mountainous Kingdom of Elysium had no nearby coastal islands to boast of. In fact, there were no islands to be seen anywhere in the realm of Elysium, even in the inland rivers and lakes. Did the gods of creation cause all the islands of Heart to drift away from their parent countries so they could be corralled by the magnetic currents in the Arcadian archipelago? MORE

The Planet Heart

The planet Heart is almost a mirror image of the planet Earth. It orbits a distant sun in a rather curious parallel galaxy that rotates in the opposite direction to ours. To our eyes, if we were there, almost everything about it would appear reversed. MORE

The Legendary reality called Nuther World

Nuther World - you can come in, but you cannot go out. Once you are there you have to stay. So you had better get used to it. You’ll be there for a long, long time.MORE