Prologue to Series

This series of books was conceived in order to make the contents of my unpublished work, War and Independence, available to a wider circle of readers. As I sought to fulfill this desire, both the overall theme, and the structure of the series, was revealed to me in a series of dreaming reveries. As I wrote the various interwoven elements of the story down, it flowed easily from the pen, as if the characters involved had taken on their own lives, and identities. Their own stories; their own realities.

All the books in this series weave together around a common themes: that the eternal dreaming soul of consciousness is multidimensional, and exists beyond the limitations of time and space: that the process of life is a dynamic dance, a sacred partnership between the soul and the physical: that the creativity of consciousness, is expressed and made manifest, with awareness and free choice, within the world of flesh and blood: that the interaction of aware consciousness, with free will within the physical world, opens up infinite new possibilities for the creative expression of the soul.

The story line of this series of books centre around the adventures of a young couple, Aidan and Effie, who first meet in a sacred garden within their common dream. Being lost, they seek directions, and assistance, from an old man, named Hans. But all is not what it seems. They are introduced to his long term partner, Una, and in a fast moving sequence of dream meetings, and encounters, they are taken on a magical journey of discovery. Along the way, they must encounter themselves, in both their current and alternate realities.

Throughout the entire series, Aidan and Effie, (and their other world counterparts, William and Rachel), wrestle with timeless concepts, archetypal myths, the nature of the self, the expression of creativity with focused intent, their hopes and dreams, and the universal dream of humankind to create a better world. They explore these concepts by examining events in many different realities, simultaneously. To assist them, they are introduced to techniques of dream interpretation to explore the nature of the multidimensional symbols used by the soul in the expression of its innate creativity. They learn to use these techniques to look at common myths and legends, their cultural beliefs and expectations, their fears, and the symbolism of their own lives and dreams.

The symbols in these stories weave through everything the young couple do and experience together. From their experiences, they realise that the same symbols, and themes, weave through other realities, and other times. Within their dream, they begin to glimpse the possibilities of an unlimited future. As they explore these possibilities, they glimpse ways they can enhance this process of change for themselves, and for others.

Ultimately, both Aidan, and Effie, realise that they can, and must, reach through time, to work with, and assist, other aspects of themselves who are exploring the same concepts in their own so-called realities. They reach backward through time, to interact with, and assist William and Rachel, a young couple living in the early colony of New South Wales; a couple that dream of helping to lay the foundations of a wonderful new society based on equality and freedom. They also reach forward, through time, to interact with, and obtain assistance from, other aspects of their collective consciousness already expressing their creativity with more awareness.

Gradually, through their interactions with other aspects of themselves, they begin to understand the cyclic nature of the soul's expression within the world of flesh and blood as it explores various elements of its own creativity. At the end of their first common dream adventure, Aidan, and Effie agree, and make flexible arrangements to meet in their current reality, where they can continue to help each other explore the concepts they have been working on together.

But which reality will they choose to explore next? Which set of possibilities will they choose to focus on, and manifest with intent? And how will they share with each other, and their travelling companions, in the world of flesh and blood.

Both the story lines, and the characters within this delightful series of books are fictional, even though the story line itself draws heavily from personal experiences and dream revelations over many years.

This story is your story. And mine. The concepts involved lie at the core of the reasons we choose to experience life together, expressing our creativity within a seemingly physical world. In so doing, the story taps into powerful archetypal themes buried deep within our consciousness.

When you read any of the books that make up this series, you may find that your recollection of vivid dreams increases significantly. If this happens, I urge you to begin a dream journal and to make the conscious effort to write down your own dreams. When written out, and explored consciously, in the manner illustrated in this series of books, you too will begin to discover that the symbols are truly multi-dimensional. In so doing, you can begin to learn for yourself, how they relate to your life, and the lives of those close to you.

These books are written in language aimed to make them enjoyable to young people, as well as old, and I believe that these stories will appeal to people of all ages. There is nothing in these books I wouldn't read to four year old children, or to their grandparents, and I encourage you to do just that.

Finally, I urge you to remember that words have their own power. They are shorthand symbols of powerful ideas and concepts with multiple layers of meaning. The ability to think in symbolic terms, and to express ourselves in shorthand symbols, such as pictographs and words, is highly relevant to our evolution as a race. The words of these books have their own power, and when read aloud, and shared with others, that power is magnified.

These concepts have the potential to unleash subtle changes in the collective beliefs, values and behaviours of our race. Changes that will allow us all to step beyond the beliefs, and values, that have shackled us to the past. Changes that will help each of us come more in touch with our sacred inner blueprint. Shifts in our thinking, that remind us, of both our individual, and our collective dreams. An inner blueprint that beckons us all onwards, to a golden new future. To usher in the brave new world of our collective dreams.

Wherever you are, and wherever you choose to explore your creativity, I trust that you will enjoy this series of companion books. May you use these ideas to enchant your day-to-day reality with the magic of your dreams. To make your life a symphony, for All and One, to explore, and enjoy together.

My best wishes go to each and every one of you.

Allan Sankirtan (May 2012)

Six new novels are currently in various stages of preparation. Please refer to the menu listing for details of current works.