War and Independence

In 1993, in co-operation with other aspects of his multi-dimensional personality not currently focused in this reality, Allan wrote the text of an unpublished manuscript with the working title, War and Independence. This work was guided by spirit following a series of vivid dreaming experiences, the entire manuscript being handwritten in forty inspired writing sessions, totalling just eighty hours.

At the same time, Allan also wrote a series of poems summarising the major themes of each chapter. Two additional chapters were added in 1995 and the final work, some 370 typed pages, was submitted for publication in 1995 and 1996.

War and Independence contains a large amount of personal information revealed to Allan to help him through a period of crisis. Despite this, Allan recognised that the content ultimately had to be shared with others, as all people, at one time or another in their lives, experience similar pangs of personal crisis, grief and despair.

For many years, while other family, social and career priorities took precedence, the hard-copy of War and Independence, remained buried in a storage room. Despite this, a magical inner transformation occurred. The book remained fully alive in Allan's consciousness and became his living reference book. Slowly, the overarching philosophy he had been searching for, gradually gelled into a cohesive blueprint to guide his everyday life. But in all that time, he never had to refer to the physical book itself.

For several years, Allan wondered how he could present the original material from War and Independence in a form that would be more suitable for a wider reading audience. Due to the large amount of personal information woven through the original material, Allan realised that it would be very difficult to selectively filter the contents without substantially changing the storyline of each chapter. The original work also contains distinct changes of format and writing style as Allan became more personally involved with the various material presented.

In October 2008, as Allan took on the challenges of a transition to retirement, he dreamed that he should collate all the poetry from the original work, augment it with more recent pieces, and publish it as a separate book. He saw the finished product clearly in a vision in November 2008. That work was published in 2010. The Dreams of Our Dreaming, is an introduction, and in a sense, a summary of many of the concepts and themes contained within War and Independence.

During the preparation of The Dreams of Our Dreaming for publication, Allan realised that work he had tentatively titled, War and Independence would, in all probability, remain unpublished during his life. However, to render the original material available to a wider reading audience, Allan dreamed he should present it in the form of a series of fictional novels that draw heavily on the original material. Allan promises that what cannot be incorporated easily into these new novels, will find its way directly onto these web pages.

Six new novels are currently in various stages of preparation. Please refer to the menu listing for details of current works.